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    Hunan Province is the seventh most populous province in China. The estimated population represents nearly 5% of China’s total population.

    Like the whole of China, Hunan’s population is ageing. It is estimated that by 2050 more than a quarter of the population will be over 65 years old.  Younger generations now face an unprecedented burden of care.

    There is a vast number of health and social care services and facilities in Hunan, but these largely operate independently of each other.

    China sought to better integrate these health and care services and the Chinese Government is supporting initiatives to establish better integrated care as a key strategic priority. It looked to Hunan as a leading organisation to help determine how to do this.


    Xiangya Hospital is recognised as one of the leading and most forward thinking hospitals in China.  It was keen to develop an integrated care model, and present service models and policy recommendations to serve as a blueprint for Chinese social healthcare. As the leading provider of integrated care in the UK, Northumbria was expertly positioned to support the hospital.

    Northumbria invited a delegation from Xiangya Hospital to visit Northumberland to see their outstanding social care facilities first hand, and learn about the  benefits and outcomes of a truly integrated social care system.

    Following on from this, they worked with the teams from Xiangya Hospital to develop, design and deliver an integrated care training programme.

    This programme combined practical and online learning with traditional face to face classroom based learning, and covered subjects ranging from concepts of integrated care through to pathways and outcomes and whole systems process mapping and service redesign.

    “This has been one of the  most impressive trips of my career…we have been very impressed by what we have seen here in Northumberland.”

    Professor  Sun Hong,
    President  Xiangya Hospital


    The course was attended by 80 healthcare professionals including nurses, GPs and care home owners.  Feedback was excellent with participants commenting that it had greatly increased their understanding. This prompted a further study tour to the UK by the hospital executives.

    To promote integrated healthcare at a wider national level, Northumbria also delivered a presentation at the first UK China Integrated Care Forum as part of the project.

    All participants are now equipped with the necessary knowledge to begin to transform their current systems into more integrated care models and success of the education delivery was measured through continuous assessment.

    Staff development is now in place to support this new training model.

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