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    Diabetes is a growing global epidemic.  The impact on cost to health and social care has increased substantially as the numbers of patients’ diabetes grow.


    Northumbria has developed an integrated diabetes prevention and support service to help manage diabetes across the care continuum, with the vast majority of care in the community. The multidisciplinary service helps prevent diabetes and supports patients with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

    The diabetes service is led by a team of specialist professionals including public health, consultants, nurses, podiatrists and dieticians.  We tailor a package of care to patients’ individual needs and empower patients to manage their condition as much as possible.   There are specialist clinics for:.

    Type 1 diabetes: Northumbria hosts a programme called Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE).  It teaches patients with type 1 diabetes how to flexibly adjust their insulin to match their food choices.  This improves quality of life and helps patients control their condition. This programme has been adopted worldwide.

    Type 2 diabetes:  Diabetes Education Self-Management On-going and Newly Diagnosed (DESMOND) educates patients about all diabetes, associated risks and management options. This programme has also been adopted worldwide.

    The Year of Care Partnership supports diabetic patients by providing advice, training and support.  It also helps communities to introduce collaborative care and support people living with one or more long term conditions.  The Partnership’s aim is to put the patient ‘in the driving seat’ and actively involve them in managing their conditions with tailored care.

    Childhood Diabetes: a targeted, comprehensive multidisciplinary  approach to prevention and management of diabetes in childhood including an integrated public health programme aimed at 0 -19 year olds involving parental education, early intervention and prevention of obesity.

    Gestational Diabetes: Northumbria delivers a robust  screening programme to detect diabetes in pregnant women. It is directly involved in the development of The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines for the detection and treatment of gestational diabetes. Post-diagnosis, specialist midwives and clinicians provide pregnant women with information and training for self-management including monitoring of blood glucose, diet and  exercise.

    Managing complications and co-morbidities:  some diabetics have complex co-morbidities e.g. cardiovascular disease, and are managed holistically. Northumbria has a many services to prevent, assess and provide rapid intervention e.g. Tissue Viability Service where nurses provide advice, specialist equipment and support.


    Patients now have improved local access to clinical support and advice, to better understand, prevent and manage diabetes. The implementation of these initiatives has led to the improved quality of life for diabetics and a decrease in serious associated complications and costs  including:

    • Lower expenditure on patient management with improved outcomes – e.g. better than average HbA1C and blood pressure control;
    • Reduced hospital admissions and no dedicated diabetes beds as majority of care out of hospital; and

    Shared learning – DAFNE and DESMOND are now implemented in 70+ organisations including those Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

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