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    The Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care hospital (NSECH) is the first dedicated emergency hospital in the UK and was developed as part of NHS England’s New Models of Care programme. The programme sought to pilot new ways of delivering NHS services with a view to scaling up what works locally into nationwide programmes, and developing a blueprint for the future of NHS care. Northumbria is at the forefront of NHS based ambulatory care and was involved in this programme.


    • Deep vein thrombosis;
    • Anaemia;
    • Pulmonary embolism;
    • Atrial fibrillation;
    • Skin and soft tissue infections;
    • Thunderclap headache;
    • Severe hypertension;
    • Low risk gastro-intestinal bleed;
    • Pneumonia;
    • Abnormal blood results;
    • Low risk cardiac sounding chest pain;
    • Electrolyte abnormalities or deranged liver function test results requiring further investigation but not requiring monitoring;
    • Toxicology – overdoses requiring observation & mental health assessment;
    • Gastroenteritis – requiring minimal intravenous rehydration prior to discharge;
    • Oncology patients for abdominal paracentesis;
    • Diabetic patients with hypo/ per glycaemia;
    • Stable anaphylaxis after adrenaline;
    • Non-stroke acute neurology;
    • Patients with suspected underlying infection but no clear source and not meeting sepsis criteria;
    • First seizure or epileptics who are post ictal and requiring a period of recovery; and
    • High risk discharge follow-up.


    MAC has had a significant impact including:

    • Reduced avoidable admissions;
    • Reduced pressures on A and E;
    • Improved patient flow through the hospital, reducing delayed discharge;
    • Reduced costs;
    • Improved clinical; outcomes; and
    • Improved patient satisfaction.

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