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    Northumbria recognised that they needed better integration and community services to ensure that patients and families received the right service at the right time from the right people.

    However, the range of services, and how to access them had become large and confusing for professionals,  patients and their families. Also, multiple requests for support were being received making care coordination challenging.

    Their goal was to improve prevention and early identification of problems to prevent crisis situations and avoid hospital admissions.


    onecall is the single point of access for over 75 multiagency services and is heavily used by   Children’s Services; Adult Care Services; police; Red Cross; community nursing; mental health providers; and ambulance services.

    onecall involves a single number that receives all telephone enquiries and in-home telecare sensor alerts that has a multidisciplinary response service behind it to support the vulnerable to be safe, healthy and independent in their own home for as long as possible.   It operates 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  It is accessible to all professionals, patients and their families.   It provides support across many areas including:

    • Living safely and independently at home;
    • Caring for the vulnerable, sick, disabled or end of life patients;
    • Supporting the family;
    • Reporting abuse or neglect; and
    • Finding alternatives if it is no longer possible for individuals to remain in their home.

    The onecall team includes, not exhaustively:

    • Social workers;
    • District nurses;
    • Police:
    • Therapists;
    • Specialists in mental health; and
    • Telecare responders.

    The response to the call is handled in a tailored way, according to best practice and evidence.


    • Since 2011, onecall has integrated over 75 multiagency services into a single point of access for patients and families to rapidly access the right service first time.
    • onecall is expected to handle over 1 million calls in 2018/19.
    • Through efficient triaging and appropriate referrals, onecall has led to a 30% reduction in referrals to children’s services and a 20% reduction in referrals to adult social care. This has helped reduce caseloads while ensuring that the right person is seen by the right service.
    • The implementation of onecall has helped drive the use of community based services, telecare and telemedicine to keep people safe and supported at home, reducing avoidable hospital admissions and reducing delayed discharge. This has saved money and improved access.

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