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  • Strategic clinical partnership to improve care in China


    China’s rapid industrialisation, urbanisation, and an ageing population are contributing to the rise in cases of acute conditions. The treatment burden for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and obstructive pulmonary diseases is expected to rise by 50% from 2010 to 2030, according to China’s Health Ministry.

    In order to combat these issues, China has to build new, upgrade and replace its current hospital infrastructure to respond to the increasing demand.  In particular, there is a need to ensure access and high quality healthcare services, with oncology being a priority area.


    The Rongqiao Group, a large and successful Chinese real estate company with a proven construction track record, recognised the healthcare challenges facing the country, and decided to apply its expertise to the construction of 10 new 1,000 bed hospitals and associated medi-cities across China, with the first being in its home province of Fuzhou.

    The developer’s vision was to go beyond simply building hospitals.  They wanted to create world-class  facilities based upon outstanding clinical evidence and models to bring the very best of international healthcare to the project. The company embarked on a global search to find a suitable partner who shared their values and who would serve as its long-term clinical partner. We are extremely proud to have been chosen as The Rongqiao Group’s clinical partner.

    Our role is to bring the best of the NHS to these projects in collaboration with our UK alliance partners, which in this case include:

    •The Christie NHS Foundation Trustfor its specialist oncology expertise;

    •Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for it’s integrated care expertise;

    •Northumberland County Council for it’s large scale capital projects expertise and project management;

    •BDP for architectural services; and

    •RLB for health planning.

    “Northumbria’s successful experience in integrated care in the UK brings the best of the NHS to our project. Its expertise in patient-centred care, in workforce optimisation and in lean health and care delivery is immensely valuable to our collaboration. The Christie delivers world-class cancer management, research and training and education. Both Northumbria and the Christie are rated as ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission and we look forward to progressing our work with them.”

    -Jared  Djuhar,  Rongqiao Group  Director


    Through signature of this first contract, NHS Northumbria International Alliance and The Rongqiao Group look forward to working together on all aspects of the design, build and operate process of the medi-cities for many decades. This long-term partnership will include support for clinical governance, quality assurance and patient experience to NHS standards. The partnership represents a significant step towards improving medical care in China and is a major milestone in global cooperation to meet China’sgrowing health challenges.

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