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  • This system design delivers the right care for the right patient in the right location, either in their home or close to their home, minimising unnecessary hospitalisation so freeing up hospital capacity.

    The Northumbria Way integrated care model is widely acclaimed as the best in the UK and embeds:

    • Pre-admission clinics, diagnostics, out-patients;
    • Integrated discharge and admission avoidance;
    • Population based public health and prevention;
    • Primary, hospital, community and social care;
    • Extended scope roles e.g. nurse practitioners;
    • Pharmacy;
    • Out of hours care; and
    • End of life care – palliative care and dementia.

    There are many proven outcomes for integrated care, for example and not exhaustively:

    • Reduced avoidable admissions;
    • Reduced ED and GP presentations;
    • Reduced costs and improved productivity;
    • Improved patient and staff satisfaction;
    • Improved access to advice and services;
    • Reduced “Did not attend” cases;
    • Reduced ambulance call outs;
    • Reduced palliative patient hospital deaths; and
    • Reduction in average length of hospital stay.

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