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    We work with a wide range of organisations across the world, helping them to bring the best health and care solutions to meet the needs of the people that they serve.

    As we are an NHS organisation that has achieved outstanding results our customers can rest assured they will be receiving world class support in building or improving a health and care system.

    Investors, developers and real estate

    Whether your business aims are to regenerate an area, build a town, convert existing infrastructure or maximise on health service opportunities we are the right organisation for you to choose to support and manage the health and care aspect of your investment.

    Having been at the forefront of the building and redesigning of health and care systems for over 70 years and having achieved and maintained outstanding accolades, we are the world leading experts that will help to ensure that your investment gains the best return for your business and the people you serve.

    Designing and building a health and care infrastructure is an extremely complex task that organisations without our level of expertise would run high risks.

    Having us by your side to support, advise, project manage and deliver will ensure that your project’s risks are lowered and that the return that you achieve will be high.

    Health and care providers

    The NHS are the world leaders in health and care, and NHS International are the leaders within the NHS having achieved outstanding accolades from independent bodies such as CQC for the hospitals and systems that our people have put in place.

    If you are a private or public sector health or care provider that is looking to improve your services and infrastructure, then we are absolutely the team you need to achieve this.

    Our people are NHS employees who are highly experienced in the design and implementation of health and care systems.  From training through to facility redesign, our team will support your teams to become world leaders in the delivery of health and care.

    Public sector organisations

    Working with UK and International public-sector organisations we will support you to achieve your goals in improving health and care in the UK and overseas.

    We provide a service to organisations who are looking at embedding change that results in effective and efficient health and care and those who want to bring NHS expertise direct to their or their partner’s project.

    We are set up to provide an easy point of access to the elite of the NHS so that you can tap directly into our talented pool of resources in order to support your organisation or the organisations that you are supporting.

    Looking for advice?

    Talk to one of the team today, you can send us an email or call us on +44 (0) 1670 620214